Best Exercises To Lose Weight Fast And Burn Fat

After the summer you need a diet to lose weight and exercises to lose weight quickly. As for foods we already know that they should incorporate balanced meals and healthy dinners to lose weight, but only the diet is not enough. It is necessary an increase in physical activity that also helps you reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the good (HDL), releases endorphins and feedback your motivation.

To lose weight fast and definitely, you have to “burn your fat deposits” from the waist, hip or bust. For this, it is necessary to “burn” first the immediate energy reserves, the glucose in the form of glycogen that is stored in the muscles and the liver. This process produces a rapid thinning the first 15 days, for the water you lose when you burn glycogen; but you will rehydrate like a sponge, as soon as you leave the diet.

From the third week of a hypo caloric diet, they begin to “burn” the fat deposits. However, our real muscle toning program provides results from the first day.

Sometimes the exercise is fattening because specific poorly designed practices generate hypertrophy of the muscles, which increase their size, improve your contours and therefore fattening in volume, which ultimately is what is most visible to the naked eye. For this reason, our Sports Nutritionists will recommend a different muscular toning program based on sex, since women, to stylize their silhouette, will work more gluteus Maximus and pectorals and less the quadriceps or arms.

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