Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises help you burn fat deposits for 30 minutes, while those of muscle toning, activate muscle mass and speed of metabolism. The routines of exclusively aerobic exercise become ineffective after a few months, causing the loss of muscle mass and a slowing down of the metabolism as a saving mechanism, having to adjust the diet to the bottom in order not to gain weight.

Exercises To Tone Lose Weight And Burn Fat

  • Before starting it would be convenient to evaluate your physical condition and perform a necessary postural analysis to detect decompensating or back pathologies.
  • Eat consistently so that the exercise program meets all your goals: burn fat, tone and increase muscle mass.
  • Drink lots of water, because the exercise causes water loss from sweat.
  • Comienza gradually and go increasing the intensity and duration of exercise steadily.
  • The aerobic training to be practical must have a period of at least 20 minutes.
  • Muscle toning exercises should last about 5-15 minutes. With 13-20 repetitions per series is enough.
  • Stretching immediately after lifting helps to release tension and improve body posture and slenderness. It is highly recommended to extend the cervical and lumbar area before going to sleep to improve your sleep quality.

Aerobic Exercises To Lose Weight

Try to perform 30 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity, five times a week. Activities that increase heart rate and that make you sweat but allow you to have a conversation: walking, swimming, riding a bike, dancing, etc. In case of overweight increases to 40-60 minutes daily.

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